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Dark Fang

Ella recommends DARK FANG

Published by Image Comics 2017

(W) Miles Gunter (A) Kelsey Shannon

  • One Environmentally aware Vampire, takes on the corporations responsible for threating her food source (humanity) 
  • Valla the Vampire, lives in the ocean to pass the time between centuries. Until her watery home is invaded by a dark liquid. She must re-surface to discover the source of the destructive ooze. Upon resurfacing she discovers the destruction humans have wreaked upon the planet and their complete disregard towards global warming. 
  • An action/horror series in 5 issues, that uses classic vampire tropes to confront the idea of climate change. An array of Characters, and a healthy dose of revenge against the big wigs at the top. Plus, a lovable nerdy sidekick and a shark/vampire friendship. 
  • Genre: Light Horror
  • Age Rating: M (sexual scenes/violence)
  • For fans of: the environment, redemption arcs, vampire content


James recommends RUNAWAYS

Published by Marvel Comics 2018 

(W) Rainbow Rowell, (A) David Laufente, Takeshi Miyazawa, Kris Anka

  • In the early 2000’s a group of kids discovered their parents were supervillains, uncovered their own abilities and became the Runaways. Together they foiled their parents plans and had many adventures (and many tragedies), before drifting apart. Now, they’re older, stronger and it’s time to bring the gang back together. 
  • A real feel good series about a family of misfits and their struggle to figure out young adult life. It’s a welcome return to form for the Runaways with strong character work and engaging arcs that highlight what made these characters so popular in their first outing. They’re not the Avengers but they’re arguably more relatable.


Ella recommends MECH CADET YU

Published by Boom! Studios in 2017

(W) Greg Pak / (A) Takeshi Miyazawa

  • A cleaner at Sky Corps Academy is ‘accidentally’ adopted by a giant robot mech. Then of course, the aliens attack. 
  • Stanford Yu, young son of a cleaner at Sky Corps Academy (the run of the mill corporation for all wannabe Pilots) is out making adventures in his head, in between cleaning the Academy. Once a year, a handful of giant robots come to Earth to bond with chosen pilots. One robot, picks Stanford, and most of Sky Corps are not happy about it. 
  • A robotic action comic from Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk) that’s all heart. Exploring what it means to be part of something bigger than you, via giant Robots and invading alien forces. 
  • Genre: Action
  • Age Rating: All Ages (Mild Violence) 
  • For Fans of: Tokusatsu (Godzilla, Pacific Rim), underdog stories, Studio Ghibli, The Iron Giant

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James recommends DIE

Die – Image - (W) Kieron Gillan, (A) Stephanie Hans

  • In 1991, a group of kids gather one night to play a new roleplaying game, before disappearing. They reappear two years later unable to talk about what happened to them. Twenty-five years later, they reunite to confront their past demons once and for all. 
  • A dark fantasy series that draws inspiration from table-top roleplaying games, Die takes familiar fantasy tropes and twists them just enough to feel fresh whilst remaining recognisable. The characters feel genuine and grounded which combines for a surprisingly emotional read. 
  • The art is beautiful and fits the genre perfectly. A must read for fans of fantasy.